Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog! Today I will be reviewing a boba shop called Sharetea. Sharetea has a variety of drinks and toppings to put in your drinks.

Sharetea has many drinks to offer. They milk teas, fresh milk teas, fruit teas, blended drink, and their specialty drinks. My absolute favorite drink at sharetea is their fresh milk black tea with extra boba. I think that getting a job here will be awesome because it’s not that hard to do and you get paid a reasonable amount of money everyday. I think that having the ability to hands on experiments with drinks and boba sounds really fun because it can you can teach yourself how to make it and show yourself how it’s made which is amazing! Sharetea is a family friendly place and is a great place to hangout with your friends. Even though you might have to pay a lot for just one drink it’s worth the money because it taste amazing and it high quality stuff. The one in my city is really cool because the employees and the owner are so nice and chill with all there customers and I just think it is amazing that many people are very nice. I think that you should visit here when you are craving some boba. This is the end of my blog. Bye guys!


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