fried rice :)

Hi guys welcome back to another blog. Today we are going to make my way of fried rice. So let’s get started!

the ingredients you will need are: any kind of rice, edamame, seaweed, carrots, green onion, eggs, soy sauce, peas, and spam.

step one cook your rice in your rice cooker. Heat up a pan with oil, and scramble your eggs. Cook the eggs for 3 minutes and put them into small pieces.

step two: take your eggs out of the pan and put them in a bowl. Then put in your cooked rice and put in 6 splashes of soy sauce in the pan. Mix until a light brown color and until crispy.

step three: put in all the vegetables and the spam. Make sure your spam is cut into cube pieces. Mix until everything is cooked.

step four: plate your food and your ready to eat!


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