Bahn mi

Hi guys welcome back to another one of my blogs. Today I will be giving you a recipe for bahn mi, which is a Vietnamese sandwich,which taste amazing.

the ingredients you will need are: a baguette, pickled carrot and daikon, maggi sauce, mayo, green chili, cilantro, pate, cucumber,and any kind of meat you will like, but I will be using BBQ pork that it is already cooked.

step one: toast your baguette and cut in half once done.

step two: once the baguette is toasted cut in half and spread pate on the bottom half. place some of your cilantro on top of your pate and place your sliced cucumber.

step three: place pickled daikon and carrots, and your choice of meat on the top of the of the cilantro.

Step four: pout some maggi sauce on top of the meat and put mayonnaise on the top part of the baguette.

step five: place the top baguette on the bottom part and you got your Bhan MI. Your ready to eat.


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